Model Question Bank - Year-wise

Year 1

Subject Paper Download file
BENGALI Beng Year -I  Click here
BOTANY PtI_Botany_Gen  Click here
COMMERCE PtI_Commerce_Gen  Click here
-do- PtI_Commerce_Hons1  Click here
-do- PtI_Commerce_Hons2  Click here
ECONOMICS PtI_Economics_Gen  Click here
ENGLISH PtI_English_Hons  Click here
-do- PtI_English_Hons  Click here
-do- PtI_English_Hons1  Click here
GEOGRAPHY PtI_Geography_Gen  Click here
-do- ptI_Geography_Gen2  Click here
HISTORY PtI_History_Gen  Click here
-do- PtI_History_Hons2  Click here
-do- PtI_History_Hons3  Click here
MATHEMATICS PtI_Math_Hons  Click here
-do- PtII_Mathematics_Hons3  Click here
PHILOSOPHY PtI_Philosophy_Gen  Click here
-do- PtI_Philosophy_Hons  Click here
-do- PtI_Philosophy_Hons2  Click here
PHYSICS PtI_Physics_Gen  Click here
PHYSIOLOGY PtI_Physiology_Gen  Click here
-do- PtI_Physiology_Hons  Click here
-do- PtI_Physiology_Hons2  Click here
POLITICAL SCIENCE PtI_Political_sc_Gen  Click here
-do- PtI_Political_sc_Gen2  Click here
-do- PtI_Political_Sc_Hons  Click here
-do- PtI_Political_Sc_Hons2  Click here
ZOOLOGY PtI_Zoology_Gen  Click here
-do- PtI_Zoology_Gen2  Click here
-do- PtI_Zoology_Gen3  Click here

Year 2

Subject Paper Download file
ANTHROPOLOGY PtII_Anthropology_Gen  Click here
-do- PtII_Anthropology_Hons  Click here
-do- PtII_Anthropology_Hons  Click here
BENGALI Beng Year -II  Click here
CHEMISTRY PtII_Chemistry_Gen  Click here
-do- PtII_Chemistry_Hons  Click here
-do- PtII_Chemistry_Hons2  Click here
COMMERCE PtII_Commerce_Gen  Click here
-do- ptII_commerce_Hons  Click here
ECONOMICS PtII_Economics_Gen  Click here
-do- PtII_Economics_Gen  Click here
ENGLISH PtII_English_Gen  Click here
-do- PtII_English_Geneal  Click here
-do- PtII_English_Hons  Click here
-do- PtII_English_Hons2  Click here
GEOGRAPHY PtII_Geography_Gen  Click here
HISTORY PtII_History_General  Click here
-do- PtII_History_Hons  Click here
-do- PtII_History_Hons_(2)  Click here
MATHEMATICS PtII_Mathematics_Gen  Click here
-do- PtII_Mathematics_Hons  Click here
-do- PtII_Mathematics_Hons2  Click here
PHILOSOPHY PtII_Philosophy_Hons  Click here
-do- PtII_Phlilosophy_Gen  Click here
PHYSICS PtII_Physics_Gen  Click here
PHYSIOLOGY PtII_Physiology_Gen  Click here
-do- PtII_Physiology_Gen  Click here
-do- PtII_Physiology_Hons  Click here
POLITICAL SCIENCE PtII_Political_Sc_Gen  Click here
-do- PtII_Political_Sc_Hons  Click here
ZOOLOGY PtII_Zoology_Gen  Click here

Year 3

Subject Paper Download file
PHILOSOPHY PhIII_Philosophy_Hons  Click here
ANTHROPOLOGY PtIII_Anthropology_Hons  Click here
BENGALI Beng Year - III-2  Click here
CHEMISTRY PtIII_Chemistry_Gen  Click here
-do- PtIII_Chemistry_Hons  Click here
-do- PtIII_Chemistry_Hons2  Click here
-do- PtIII_Chemistry_Hons3  Click here
COMMERCE PtIII_Commerce_Gen  Click here
-do- PtIII_Commerce_Gen  Click here
-do- PtIII_Commerce_Gen2  Click here
-do- PtIII_Commerce_Hons  Click here
-do- PtIII_commerce_Hons3  Click here
ECONOMICS PtIII_Economics_Gen  Click here
-do- PtIII_Economics_Hons  Click here
ENGLISH PtIII_English_Hons  Click here
MATHEMATICS PtIII_Math_Hons2  Click here
-do- PtIII_Mathematics_Gen2  Click here
-do- PtIII_Mathematics_Hons  Click here
-do- PtIII_Mathematics_Hons2  Click here
-do- PtIII_Mathematics_Hons3  Click here
PHILOSOPHY PtIII_Philosophy_Hons  Click here
-do- PtIII_Philosophy_Hons2  Click here
PHYSICS PtIII_Physics_Gen  Click here
PHYSIOLOGY PtIII_Physiology_Gen  Click here
-do- PtIII_Physiology_Gen  Click here
-do- PtIII_Physiology_Hons  Click here
-do- PtIII_Physiology_Hons  Click here
-do- PtIII_Physiology_Hons_(2)  Click here
POLITICAL SCIENCE PtIII_Political_Sc_Gen  Click here
-do- PtIII_Political_Sc_Hons  Click here
-do- PtIII_Political_Sc_Hons2  Click here
-do- PtIII_Political_Sc_Hons3  Click here

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